ruth mclees

contemporary painting

  • Violet Distance


Paintings of Cardiff Bay – Exhibition at Boundary Art, Mermaid Quay

1st – 30th September 2018
Fields of Vision, Boundary Art, Mermaid Quay, Cardiff Bay

Five local artists, all with studios in Cardiff Bay, have come together to present a response to the landscapes of this area.

David Gould, Maggie James and Ruth McLees live in Cardiff, Valerie Coffin Price lives in Llandough, and Mary Husted in Barry. Each artist feels a deep connection to the landscape in which they find themselves. Their work is the result of long observation and interpretation of what they see.
David Gould works on the spot, lovingly building up his delicately coloured surfaces over time to capture the light falling on his subjects at different times of the day and year. Maggie James is concerned with the fragmented nature of our experience of moving through our surroundings. She develops her own form of notation to represent these experiences through drawing. Ruth McLees’ experimental use of materials give us small glowing images, that reflect her delight in the ever-changing shifts of light and colour moving across the waters of Cardiff Bay. Valerie Coffin Price’s evocative images are a response to the riverine and coastal landscapes of our area. Working with poetry and literature as inspiration and source material, she weaves words into her images. Mary Husted’s fascination with the patterns of nature and their repetitions, and her use of frottage to capture these, has led her to discover and invent a ‘calligraphy of landscape’.

These five artists make quite distinct and individual work, but they all share a love of their local landscapes and meet together at intervals in their studios to discuss their work.